About Us KasDash
I’m Joe Pannone, founder of KasDash and CEO/President of Forza Technology Solutions — a software development and Managed Services company, since 1984. I bought Kaseya to help manage our client’s technology for our managed services. Kaseya gave us access to a lot of numbers, but not necessarily in a way that was quick and easy.


Since Forza specializes in Business Intelligence, Application Development, Database Design and User Interfaces — we decided to design an application that worked with Kaseya to give us the tools we needed the way we needed them — fast, simple, scalable and customizable.


I saw that we had an opportunity to look at our business in many different ways and have access to our data and how those numbers change in a way that utilizes our intelligence. You have heard the saying: “you get what you inspect, not what you expect” and “you should measure what you want to improve.” So, here is THE “Simple and Light” business intelligence tool for Kaseya that doesn’t require you to do very much to get some key indicators of business performance.


This started out as an internal tool for our own use, quickly caught the interest of other IT professionals when they learned that an application existed that could simplify and improve their database operations. In recognizing an industry need, we wanted to make this tool available to many others and began writing a dashboard we called Kas (Kaseya) Dash (Dashboard), with Real-Time data that would enhance the great Kaseya experience.


KasDash technology grew out of our own need. We’re just like you…


We are an MSP (Managed Service Provider)


We Use KasDash
We “Eat Our Own Dog Food”
Our Business Can’t Survive Without It!


At KasDash, we constantly analyze our application to make enhancements that grow along with technology industry needs — it’s simply a wonderful product! We know, because we rely on it ourselves every day.